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General Terms and Conditions

April 23, 2015 by Direct Holiday

Terms of Use and General Terms of Advertising on the website

The website and all its addon domains (hereinafter referred to as the Site (s)) are privately owned. By using this site, you agree to these terms of use, general terms, and advertising terms.

DirectHoliday is a web platform located at the web address which serves for advertising and booking of private accommodation (rooms, studio apartments, apartments and holiday homes). The landlord pays for the publication of advertisements on the portal for his accommodation units in accordance with the valid Price List, without the obligation to pay any commission. Guests use the portal completely free of charge and contact the Landlord directly to book private accommodation.

The pages can only be used to search or view ads and send inquiries to accommodation owners. Use for any purpose other than searching, informing and booking accommodation is strictly prohibited. When sending an inquiry, your e-mail address will be stored in a database and we will send you at least one e-mail per year for commercial purposes. You can always unsubscribe from this service and your email will be deleted from our database.

The site cannot guarantee the accuracy of the data in this case prices, photos and other information available on our site, and entered by the owners of the accommodation. Accurate information about accommodation (description of accommodation, prices, reservations and photos) is the sole responsibility of the owner of the accommodation. The site has not confirmed the accuracy of each ad, so guests are advised to check the correctness of the data entered by the owners of the accommodation by contacting the owner or advertiser directly. The owner of the Site does not bear any material or criminal responsibility if the information about the accommodation does not correspond to the real situation.

The owner of accommodation units is a natural or legal person who has the right to manage accommodation units in his possession, and through this website he advertises and / or advertises them for his own benefit and for his own account.

The owner of the accommodation units shall assume all damage incurred during the term of this contract, if he advertises his facility, without the necessary permits.

The owner of the accommodation units has an independent approach to data administration, and assumes all responsibility for accuracy, ie. truthfulness of data on accommodation units that will be presented on the website www.

The owner assumes all responsibility and obligations towards the persons who decided to use (consume) the accommodation units of the owner, and came through the website

The Site Owner cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage you have suffered while using our Site. The site is not obliged to offer a refund or compensation for losses that you may have suffered by renting accommodation from the advertiser or the owner of the accommodation.

The Owner of the Site reserves the right to change the stated terms of use of the Site and other terms of business without prior notice.



Your privacy is important to us and we never misuse the information you voluntarily leave on the Site. undertakes to respect anonymity and privacy on the Site, to the extent permitted by the nature of our relationships and business.

Users of the Site’s services agree that the Owner of the Site collects personal data:

1. Name and Surname

4. Email address

3. Phone number

The provided contact information is necessary in order to enable the Advertiser and the User to use the services of the Site. We will use this information exclusively to connect the User with the service provider (Advertiser) and it will not be used for any other purposes.

In addition to the above information, the User may otherwise provide information when filling out forms, conducting searches, updating, answering surveys, participating in promotions or using special offers of the Site. The information thus collected is anonymous, and the Owner of the Site undertakes to use it exclusively for this purpose and not to pass it on to third parties.

Personal data that you provide us using the Site, or interactive forms for collecting data contained on this Site (private inquiry, etc.), we will use only in accordance with the Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR EU 2016/679 EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL) of 27 April 2016).

You can at any time request an insight into the manner of storage, use and distribution of your personal data from the Owner of the Site, and the deadline for delivery of the requested is 15 days from the date of submission of the request. You can submit a request in writing or by e-mail.

You may at any time request a change or complete deletion of all your personal and other information.

Your collected personal data will not be used for any purpose other than those previously stated. They will not be treated inappropriately, they will not be the subject of secret processing, will not be sold to a third party, and their possible distribution to persons who are not authorized to dispose of them may be provided only with the written consent of the Advertiser and the User.

Your personal data is recorded in electronic form and stored in the premises of the Owner of the Site. The owner of the Site, the administrator of the Site, has access to the collected data. To all other persons, access to your personal data is not provided.

The period for keeping business documents with your personal data is 11 years. Upon expiration of this period, your personal data will be destroyed.

Other communication or materials you send us, such as compliments, comments, suggestions, etc. we will not treat them as confidential and as those that cannot be freely disposed of. uses cookies (English “Cookies”) and, based on legitimate interest, to collect indirect pseudonymous personal data of users that serve to personalize the settings of individual users and the full technical functionality of the portal. By changing the settings in their web browser, users can delete existing and / or reject future Cookies.


When publishing an advertisement on the, the user is obliged to pay a fee for the advertisement publishing service, as follows:

  • The price of the ad publishing service is determined by the official Price List and refers to a one-time payment.
  • The duration of the published advertisement is determined by the official Price List, and the user can deactivate and reactivate the published advertisement an unlimited number of times;
  • Complaints and complaints can be submitted by the user to without a time limit via the e-mail address
  • Methods of paying the price of the service for using the portal are as follows:
    • Payment by internet banking or general payment slip to the company’s business account
    • PayPal if the user has a PayPal account;
    • about Cards


Discounts do not add up, and stocks are mutually exclusive. If you are entitled to several discounts on different grounds and use one to renew your membership fee, your account remains unused to the right to a discount on another basis, which you can use the next time you renew your membership fee.

The Owner of the Site reserves the right to exclude without compensation the already paid advertisement the user who in any way violates the General Terms of Use of the website, in any way interferes with the work of the Site or in any way infringes the rights of Advertisers and Users.

In this case,, with the exclusion of such User, may claim compensation for damages or lost profits. Changes to these terms and other terms of business

For all disputes arising from the use of the portal really competent court in Zagreb.