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February 2, 2022

Promoting your accommodation through Instangram influencers

By the end of this year, the value of the influential marketing industry is projected to rise to more than $6 billion, while projections say it could be worth as much as $15 billion by 2022! More and more brands are using influencers to get closer to their customers and customers and ensure authenticity with their marketing messages, and more than 90% of companies believe that using influencers is an effective form of marketing, even more successful than many other tactics.

More and more modern travelers, especially younger ones, are considering “instagram” locations – whether the location is beautiful and striking enough for her photo to be posted on Instagram – while choosing her next destination.It is here that influencers can contribute greatly, since social networks are their “workplace” where they offer their personal experience and their vision as advertising.

What influencers actually sell is emotion, something potential buyers will identify with and want in their lives – be it a moment, a proven location or an unforgettable experience.
New generations trust friends, other consumers and influencers more than the media. By spreading this way of thinking, influencers are changing various industries, including tourism. With this shift, the marketing travel influencer category expands rapidly, providing mutual benefit in collaboration between influencers and brands.



As we know, the Marriott is one of the largest, and most well known hotel chains in the world, and yet they actively work with Influencers, to keep their name, and brand in the forefront of consumers’ minds.

Influencer marketing is the most powerful marketing tool to date, as it enables hoteliers to reach out to hundreds of thousands of potential customers at a click of a button.

Social media popularity has rocketed in recent years, with 1 in 5 minutes being spent on Instagram and Facebook alone. Instagram itself, is the fastest growing platform to date, with 800 million active users, and growing by 100 million every six months.

Technology has changed consumer purchasing behaviour. We’re all busy people, and we want everything to be simple, easy and at our fingertips. A direct booking will be approximately 18% more profitable, because we have the opportunity to cross sell and upsell. Digital Influencers will help us increase direct booking, cement and/or expand our target markets, and above all increase revenue.





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