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July 5, 2021

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Firstly, if you are in Europe you should definitely visit Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are sure that diversity of cultures and beautiful nature will amaze you. Sarajevo and Mostar are two cities that you just need to see. Moreover mixture of Ottoman heritage with Austro Hungarian rich history made place of eclectic gastronomy and architecture, arts and cultural heritage that you can see on streets.

If you would like to visit Bosnia and Herzegovina you can book hotels, villas, apartments and rooms depending on your needs, preferences and length of your stay. We are sure that you will find perfect fit for you and experience country.

Firstly, one of main reasons why you should visit this country is food. Mixture of cultures gives a specific aroma that you need to taste. Cevapi, burek, klepe, dolma are some of most famous meals according to tourism lists.

Find perfect accommodation in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

Go for a walk through Sarajevo or across the Old Bridge in Mostar. In the end it will make you feel like you are in 1001 night story. In addition, beautiful rich Middle Eastern heritage is above all visible in architecture. Book your vacation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and enjoy!

What to visit?

Vrelo Bosne – spring or Bosnia river is famous retreat that visit locals and also tourists. Nature made streams and lakes are rich in flora and fauna.

City Jajce – small city stands on waterfalls and wooden mills. That will take you back in time when there was majestic castle that was last one to stand up to Ottomans.

Art gallery in nuclear bunker – near Konjic former president of SFRJ made nuclear bunker. As a result, now it is modern art gallery.

Olympics monument – in year 1984. there were placed Olympic games. Bobsleigh track that was built for that purpose still stands there, available for tourists that comes to see it.

Međugorje – Catholic pilgrimage site that is every year visited by millions of people. In 2019. it become recognized as sanctioned pilgrimage.


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