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May 13, 2021


Dubrovnik is a town with rich history. Oldest records about Dubrovnik are from 6th century. Primarily Dubrovnik was central space for trading and traveling from the land on the sea. Fast forward to the 15th century when it has become independent Republic. Successful leadership allowed cultural growth that is visible today.

Dubrovnik is one of the most important stops on Mediterranean cruises, rich history which you can see from far away on the famous City Walls. If you are fan of Game of Thrones you know what we are talking about and if you don’t, watch series and visit us this summer and walk through old streets.

World famous hotels and private isolated vacation paradises
Dubrovnik has many famous hotels, apartments and villas that will allow you to find perfect accommodation that will fit all your needs.

Find perfect accommodation in Dubrovnik!
Accommodation offers in Dubrovnik

Cultural offer
Rich history that is preserved and carefully displayed allows us to see historical buildings in their best condition. Firstly, monuments (Orlando’s column, Buže doors, main entrance to City Walls, fortress of Minčeta…). On the second place sacral objects like baroque Church of St.Vlaho and oldest Sephardi synagogue, and many more. In addition, some of the famous museums: Red history museum, Nautical museum, Cultural-History museum, Ethnographic Museum…

Gastro and lifestyle
Dubrovnik is famous for many restaurants and coffee places that are most known for high quality meals and native wine offerings. You can eat lunch on the Main Square or drink coffee in the shade of City walls.

If you would like to purchase beautiful designer pieces, city is full of art and fashion gallerias. Find world famous designs or purchase Croatian designers. You can find beautiful clothing, fine jewellery, art pieces or native food and beverages that will remind you of your vacation.

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